Do you have a Scottish Fold you need to re-home??
First, have you checked with the breeder you got the cat from to see if they would take him/her back?  Most times, a breeder will do that.  If that is not an option, please contact the webmaster AND provide the following information so we can list the Fold on our rescue website:
1. Why does the cat have to be placed?

2.  How quickly must the cat be placed and why?

3.  A photo of the cat.  If you don't have a picture you can e-mail, let the webmaster know and we will send a snail mail address so you can send one for scanning.  Please limit photo size to one MB.

4. Where are you located (City and State or Country)?

5. What is the cat's name?

6.  How old is the cat?

7. What is the coat length?  (Longhair or Shorthair)

8.  Are the ears folded or straight?

9. Describe his/her personality. Is he/she a lap cat, a snuggle bunny, etc. Is he/she good with dogs, other cats, small children?

10. Are there any health issues?

11. Is he/she up-to-date on vaccinations?

12. Is he/she altered (neutered or spayed)?  NOTE:  SFR will not assist owners place whole (unaltered) cats.  All cats must be altered in order to be listed on the website or advertised on our rescue list.

13. What contact info do you want listed on the web site (e-mail address, phone number)?

The way the process works is that we will list the cat on our website and announce their info to our rescue web list.  You will be the point of contact and deal directly with people that are interested.  We do not screen adopters. That will be your responsibility.
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