Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Florida and governed by a seven-member Board of Directors.  We rescue, care for, and re-home Scottish Fold cats found to be in need, homeless, or in danger.  Our organization arranges for foster homes, medical care (if necessary), and other essential supplies until a permanent home can be provided.  We provide education and information to the general public regarding practices of responsible pet ownership, particularly with regard to altering, and to shelter staff on accurately identifying Scottish Fold cats among their shelter cat population.  Our organization is recognized as a charitable organization under the auspices of IRS Regulations, Section 501(c)(3).  Thus all contributions are tax deductible.  We operate strictly from donations and the funds put up by our volunteers. 

The Scottish Fold Rescue & Adoption Network, which is part of Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc., is a large network of volunteers across the US, and a few in other countries, who love the Scottish Fold breed of cat and who have a common goal.  That goal is to help facilitate the rescue and re-homing of any Scottish Fold cats who find themselves homeless, on the verge of being homeless, in shelters, or in any number of situations that may be life threatening.  The ultimate objective is also that the new home for these cats be safe, loving and permanent.  The Network is composed of breeders, individuals who have Scottish Folds as pets, other reputable rescues, and people who just love the breed and have a sincere desire to help in any way they can.

Volunteers can offer assistance in many ways and varying levels of dedication. Categories of assistance are adoption screening, shelter liaison, fostering, disaster relief, fund raising, transportation (either to and from a veterinarian or as part of a link to get the cat from the rescue site to his new home), participating in fundraising events, obtaining medical treatment, etc. Our volunteers are a diverse group who has proven they can work together well to rescue the far too many Scottish Folds we have found in need.
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Scottish Fold Rescue & Adoption Network
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If you are interested in rescuing and/or adopting a Fold into your home and heart, please go to our "Available" page using the link at the top left-hand side of this page.  All available cats/kittens and their contact information are listed by State or Country.  Please bear with us, we are an all vounteer organization.  We try to list rescues as soon as we learn of them.  We do not remove listings unless we know the final disposition of the kitty.  It has been known to happen that a foster can keep a rescue for more than a year.

Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. does not maintain a list of persons wanting to adopt a Fold.

If you need assistance in placing a Fold, please use the link entitled "Looking to re-home a Fold" on the left side of this page.
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We also expect our breeder volunteers to take ultimate responsibility for the cats they produce by taking a primary and  active hand in the re-homing of any cats they have sold or placed who have been found to have become homeless, somehow have ended up in a shelter, or are in need of re-homing at the request of the original owners/buyers.