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The Scottish Fold Rescue & Adoption Network has helped facilitate over 822 Scottish Fold adoptions and rescues since it's inception in 1999.  As we update our website we will be adding information on these as they occur and will document some of our past successes also.  Until then, if you join, or are already a member of, the Fold Rescue email list on yahoogroups you can access the archives and read about these cats we have helped.  Many of whom are also pictured in the list's photo archives.  To join the list just send a blank email message to:
SOME PAST MEMORABLE RESCUES & ADOPTIONS:  These are just a few of many....

1999 - Our first, "Cinnamon" was rescued from shelter in FL & placed in new loving home.

October 1999 - 8 Folds rescued from a kill shelter in CA and were all finally adopted to permanent homes by March 2000.  Network email list members donated much in the way of supplies, food, litter and money to the dedicated volunteer who provided the long-term foster home. Members also helped direct interested potential adoptors to her.

Feb 2000 - 23 Folds rescued from ex-"breeder's" home.                       Dallas, TX.  Network email list members voluntarily donated over $645 plus supplies to help defray the extensive housing and vet expenses the rescue of these cats resulted in.

Feb 2000 - 6 Scottish Folds ( 3 folded & 3 straight) rescued from a shelter in Abilene, TX.  All placed by March 9, 2000.  $210 in cash plus supplies were donated to the foster homes by network members to cover these cats expenses.
June 2001
"Shimmer" rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio.  This rescue could not have taken place without the help of BJ McDowell who alerted us to Shimmer's presence in the shelter and assisted our volunteer in retrieving her for us.  Then our volunteer Jackie managed to find her a wonderful home in less than a week.  We hear Shimmer is already being doted on and loved so we know our job is done here!
Thank You so much BJ & Jackie!
More to come...
July 2001:  Molly and Mandy Adopted
The following is a note we received from Lori who was our contact to place her mother's Folds (Mother had serious health reasons).

"Thanks for all your help!!!!!  Molly & Mandy now live in Kentucky with a young couple.  Maggie lives in Chicago and Max lives in Ohio.  When my Mom found out she had to get rid of her 4 Folds we thought 'what a job that would be'  but thanks to this site they all have nice homes.  Everyone has been so nice,  sending me updates on all the cats.  Definitely eased our minds.  Thank You, Lori"
Molly & Mandy
"Alex" Adopted July 2001
Alex was pictured on our site along with being pictured on Petfinder.  He was adopted some time in late June or early July.  We don't know if his adoption was a direct result of being listed here but we are happy that he now has a home and family.  Congratulations Alex!
"John" Adopted
by SFRAN Volunteers
July 2001
The weekend of July 6th a couple who are volunteer contacts for us adopted John from a shelter and are giving him a new happy home. 
Yay John! 
July 2001

Great News hearing Bonnie & Edgar
have a new home.  Here is a note we
received from their new Momma:
"We are so excited about adding Bonnie and Edgar to our family.  Our Scottish Fold suffered from the congenital bone disease.  We were able to keep Haggis comfortable until early this spring and then had to have her put to sleep.  It was really hard for me.  Finding two cats that need us is really a pleasant surprise.  Thank you for your web site and what it has done for both families!"

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"BUDDY"                       Adopted August 18, 2001
We were all ecstatic when Buddy, a 13 year old Scottish Fold, "orphaned" when his owner passed away was able to find a new forever home.  We received this note from his original owner's sister...

"Just want to thank you for all your help in helping Buddy find a great new home.  He was successfully tranported to Indiana yesterday & is reported to be doing great!  Bless you & thank you for all your hard work."
-Beth Ryan
"Butch"                            Adopted October 2001
"Thanks so much for this Web site. We adopted Cosmo on February 10, 2002. He had been abused before being rescued. I know in time there will be no more signs of that. He is so in love with my husband it's wonderful. They have "love times" several times a day, and Cosmo is all over Jay to be petted. If Jay comes in the house Cosmo goes right to him ,purrs, and now when Jay is in the chair Cosmo will climb on him with all four paws. The trust is incredible. When I came home yesterday, Cosmo was at the door and jumped up on the organ bench. I had to put everything down to pet him.He never lets me cook in the kitchen by myself. He has to watch and see what morsel will fall his way. I know he had gained some weight. He's filled out a little. In a little over three months, he has come really far. It's a real lesson daily to see his progress. As my husband said to me, life in our house is more pleasant by Cosmo being here. I would tell anyone to take a chance on one of these precious cats.Thanks again."   -- Judy Cole
February 2002
--------------------------Karen wrote------------------------
I'm seeing him more and more, and he is letting me see him more and more.  On Saturday he walked through the room I was in three times!!!  Last night he just sat about 5 feet away as I walked back and forth filling dog bowls.  Didn't even hiss.  He did hiss when I went to the litter box room and was going to enter, and he wasn't done.  So I backed off to give him some privacy.  Few minutes later it was OK for me to enter.  This morning he was sitting, feet curled underneath his chest, on the bookcase.  I walked past a couple of times, talked to him, and he stayed quietly there.  We are making progress!!!  I like him!!!  Thank you!!!
Scottish Fold Rescue & Adoption Network
"A couple of weeks ago I tuned in to your site and, shortly after that,
heard from one of you about a rescue cat in the Minneapolis area called
Butch.  Well, I got in touch with the person fostering the cat and the end
of the story is we met halfway on Saturday and I now have him with
me.  He's now called Robert Burns ("Robbie") and he is adapting well with
my other cats, an old Sheltie, a rabbit and a guinea and a fish!  He seems
to have the joint trouble that was mentioned so he'll soon be examined by
my vet to see if treatment will help.  But I just want you to know that a
most marvelous Scottish Fold has found a warm and loving home with me!"
  -Katy Riley
Date: 1/7/2002 10:17:44 AM Eastern Standard Time
To whom it may concern:
My name is Dianne Derby and I have had "Shadow" on the "Available Scottish Folds" site under Florida.  However, she has been officially rescued!  Her new owner is Stefani Fink in Brooksville, Florida.  It was a perfect match for Shadow!  Thanks to the Scottish Fold Rescue Site, Shadow is in a wonderful new home!!! Thanks so much for your help!
Dianne C. Derby
"Shadow"                              Adopted January 2002
Date: 1/8/2002 11:59:50 AM Eastern Standard Time
Just to let you know that the two cats I posted on your website - "Little Owl and Sweetie Pie," California - have finally been successfully placed.
I was contacted by a young couple who have just bought their first home here in L.A. and of course they fell in love with them.  Finally, someone who didn't want to split them up, or have me fly them all over the country!
I delivered them to their new home a few days ago, and decided to wait a little before notifying you, to make sure the match was successful.  I am now told that the kids were on the bed the first night, and they are there to stay!
Thank you very much for your help.  I'm glad you are there for the Folds in need.
Helen Darvall
"Little Owl" & "Sweetie Pie"  Adopted January 2002
I am e-mailing you to let you know that our boy Crayola has been adopted to a wonderful home thanks to your site. He is listed under New York. We received so many inquiries and greatly appreciate being able to list him
with you. Thanks again.
"Crayola"                                 Adopted January 2002
Thank you so much for helping us find a home for Odie.  All of a sudden we were flooded with emails from people visiting your site and expressing interest in this adorable little boy.  We believe that Odie has found his forever home with a couple from MA, that had come to us from your site.  We are still arranging transport, but they want him no matter what and have completed all of our paperwork to adopt him.

Thanks again for your help!

Lorrie Thompson
"Odie"                                   May 2002
"Thank you for listing our Jasmine on your website and thanks to all the members on the Scottish Fold Rescue chat group for their support.  I just returned from being away for a ten day vacation and learned that Jasmine is in what we believe to be her "forever home".   I had an e-mail telling me she was in foster care with intent to adopt and I sent Diane (cc'd above) an e-mail telling her how happy I was and she then sent me the following:
I forgot to send you the latest yet on Jasmine.  I saw Michael yesterday and he said Jasmine is now sleeping on the bed and roaming comfortably and freely around the apartment!  He said she is truly living up to the S. Fold reputation as friendly, laid back and affectionate.  He and his lady-friend, also a cat lover, sit in the living room and Jasmine climbs all over them.  She is eating well and putting on some weight.  He calls her the little snow princess. This guy is wonderful...we need to clone him!"

THANK YOU so much for being there
when we needed you.  We had much
good advice from this group and many,
many inquires on Jasmine -- many from
other states!  I believe this was our first
experience with a Scottish Fold at our
shelter and we were at our wits end
trying to help her.  I believe it is safe
to report her "adopted" on your site
now.  Kay"
"Jasmine"                                   May 2002
Hello again Robin,

I just got an email from Judy, a lady on your waiting list, she is going to take Tom!! Yeah!!   I want to thank you and the Society for being there.  If I can help in any way let me know, however I can't take any cats because my appartment complex won't allow them, the bums.  Thank you again.

Deana Covel
"Tom" was in an Oklahoma shelter
June 20, 2002
I wanted to inform you that "Bubbles" is no longer available for adoption.  He was placed in a new home today.
Thank You,
Rhonda Amburgy / Ohio
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Yes, it was from someone who contacted me through your website.  Bubbles now lives in Tampa, Florida along with a 1 year old Scottish Fold (Glitter) and a four yr. old little girl.  I am sure he is very happy.

Thank You,
June 8, 2002
Here's another update on Tabby!

For those of you who remember me talking about how timid Tabby was and how he'd need a home where he could just adjust at his own pace, well, he was adopted by one of the Vet Techs at the UF Vet School... Here's the latest update on how he's adjusting after 3 wks with her. I think he's really come a long way!

Timid Tabby                                     June 2002
"I would like to thank you so very much for being there when I needed someone to help me find a good home for Katie.  It has been very hard for me to let her go, but I know that she will be loved and is in a 'less stressful' environment.  Katie has been adopted by a couple that truly adores her.  I know she will be the 'queen' of their home and of their hearts as she is and always will be with mine.  May God continue to bless you and your search for needed loving homes."
--Genie Thompson, Louisville, Kentucky
Katie                                            July 2002
"Baby" found a much needed home in less than 3 days!
"I was finally able to connect with one of the waiting list contacts and it was someone who was able to take Baby.  I am so thankful for your website.  I don't think this would have been accomplished otherwise.  She has already been moved to her new home."

Thanks again for all your help.
"Baby"                                         July 2002
There are success stories and I also have
one.  We adopted Magellian this past July
from San Angelo. He was thought of as an
extreamly shy cat. Well after he told us his
name which is Roux he has blossumed ino
a very fine and very loving younge man.
He likes to go outside when we are sitting
on the porch and outside still has him
facinated as I do not believe he had ever been out before. We do not leave him out he is with us always so no worries there. I just want to say that Roux
has made a great impact on our family of three humans and 6 felines a wonderful and happy experiance. It did take a lot of
work and understanding on our part but I am so happy we have him in our family....  HE even snuggles in the bed with me I knew when he did this he accepted us as his family... Thanks rescue We love Roux with all our hearts..... REnee Vida and  Ava



I took in a rescued fold, Elsa, when she did not fit in with the family who had initially rescued her. I love her dearly it has worked out. This is a terrific forum.


My Fergus crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. It comforts me to know that
he is in Fold heaven, playing with all of your beloved Folds who have passed before him. We were able to be with him during his time of need, and he did not suffer.
I want to thank your organization for letting me be a part of this special
Our jet black Fold passed away in January at the ripe old age of 17 years. 
It left a void in our lives that we knew could only be soothed by another
fold.  We found the SF Rescue website and waited (impatiently) for a kitty to be available in our area.  When Bravehart was adopted so quickly, we knew we'd have to act fast when another became
available.  It was 11 PM when I read the 9:30 Email about Alex.  At 9 the next morning, we contacted the shelter and went there to fill out the adoption form at 2.  We were shocked to learn that he had been at the shelter since January.  They had apparently contacted other groups to get the word out, but it wasn't until they contacted SF Rescue that we found out about him. 

Alex came home with us and was rather upset about the car ride.  When we introduced him to his new home, he was quite confused and skittish.  It only took a day or so, though, before he became acclimated to his new surroundings.  He is adorable.  He loves to be petted and brushed.  He has his favorite places in the house to hang out.  His walk is a little stiff but we think that may be from over two months in a cage at the shelter.  We're still learning about each other but it looks like we'll have a long and happy life together. 

Thank you so much, SF-Rescue, for putting us together.

Mike and Loretta
animal's life. I would not have found him without your help.  You provide a wonderful service, and I was glad to have been able to offer a loving home so he could leave the kill shelter you found him in. I want to especially thank Tarah Higgins, who made my life with Fergus possible by picking him up at the shelter and driving hundreds of miles to bring him to me.

Alice Roach
Houston, TX
Available Cats
Volunteer Contacts
Robert Burns - Robbie
Robert Burns
In October 2001, I adopted "Butch" who was rescued from near death.  Because of his severe bone and joint and breathing problems, our vet didn't think he'd make it to 10 years, but he turned 9 on January 25 and he's doing well. 

He's quite a charmer, to say the least. 

Check below for another update on Robbie
Katy Riley and Robert Burns (aka Robbie)
Hi from Barbara Clarke - I wanted to thank you for your advice a few days ago with switching the two cats' bedding - AJ now has the run of the house - and he and Donner are actually getting on quite well - a tiny little hissy this morning from AJ (my fault as I was giving them both some treats, and he thought Donner was going to take his! - however it was only a moment and earlier he had licked Donner's face - they are
touching noses, walking around each other and they were up at 4 a.m. this morning in our bedroom at the same time.  I am so pleased with how well it is working - and AJ is so lovable ---he is almost too good to be true!  He loves my husband and wants to be petted all the time.  They are using each other's litter boxes, in each others favorite spots --- and in general I think they will probably become true buddies. 

I am so grateful to the rescue group, as I would never have known about AJ without this group.  Many thanks, and if you wish to share this e-mail with the rest of the group, that would be great!

Riverside, CA