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Washington State Cats
Betsy & Tina
Edmonds, WA
Sadly, they have not adjusted at all to my dog, who is now 16 months old. 

The dog is an Irish Doodle, who genetically will chase prey.  I have one cat who has adjusted and become friends with the dog, but Betsy and Tina are simply too stressed and unable to adjust.

The girls hide and are less social than they used to be. When they try to be out of their safe room, the dog chases them and they cannot stop and allow any positive interaction. They need a dog free environment that will allow them to be active and thrive again. Both cats are good with children and do not bite. They may not do well with other pets - unsure about this. I think it is best if they are adopted together.
They are stressed most of the time. They deserve a better life.

Both are beautiful, sweet, and easy to care for cats. Tina is more skittish than Betsy, who is friendly.

Betsy & Tina are healthy - no health issues.  They are up to date on vaccines and spayed.

I hope to place them with someone who can appreciate them and offer a safe home where they can be out and active again.

Mary Helen Greenwood
Phone: 925-787-6980