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Meggie & Silvie
Kent, WA area
My 92-year-old mother is going to a care facility and will be unable to take her two senior Scottish Fold cats with her - Megs or Meggie (the brown tabby and white, folded ear) and Silly or Silvie (the silver mackerel tabby, straight ear).  They are purebred Scottish Folds!

The girls are littermates.  They are 14 years old – born April 19, 1997.

Silvie is a snuggler that loves to be fondled or petted.  Meggie is more independent – but, after warming up, likes to be touched.  They have not been around children except briefly and, when such occurs, they usually go hide.  They have occasionally been around our Maltese dog – who is frightened of them and they simply ignore the dog!

There are no known health issues.  Some might consider them slightly overweight (perhaps related to living with a rather inactive 92 year-old!).  They have microchips, are spayed, and are up-to-date on shots.
Kathy Ekstrand
(253) 951-1055 (Cell Phone)
Seattle, WA
Scottish Fold • Senior • Female • Medium

Rhonda is a gorgeous 12 year old purebred Scottish Fold. She was rescued from a bad situation (drug operation and a resulting explosion and fire) so I don't think she had a very good life or very good vet care.

She has some special needs, but is mostly an easy keeper.

Here is what her foster mom says about her: She is a great cat! Very sweet, likes to be petted and to rub against me and purr. She is very chatty. For an older girl she is very playful, full of energy, and fast!  She runs through the house batting around toys!  She is not a lap cat but tolerates being held, loves settling in for a nap next to me and kneads and purrs. She is not a fan of my boy cat and will hiss and swat at him but he has no sense of personal space and wants to get in her face. She would be fine if he would leave her alone. I supervise their time together. I think they will be fine over time. She did live with two other cats and a dog previously.
All if her ailments seem age or breed related. She has Scottish Fold Osteochrondrodysplasia.  Modular lumps on her hocks and lower abdomen. The bone on her thighs feels large to the touch. It doesn't seem to bother her. I took her to my vet for a nail trim and to recheck urine and she said her tail is stiff as well for about four inches from her body.

Her flea allergy has resolved and the open sores have healed and the hair is growing back.

Rhonda is in e arly stage renal failure. She drinks and urinates a lot. Healthy appetite!  She is underweight but gaining!

Please email if you would like more information on a cat as this is the most efficient way for rescue personnel to communicate. Only call if email is not possible. Thank you for understanding.
Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue

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Winlock WA
We are a Veterinary Clinic in Winlock, Washington. Over a month ago, we took in a Scottish Fold, 10 year old, neutered male, "Cooper".  The elderly lady that owned him was going into assisted living and she could not take him.  At the time, he was having a flare up of what appeared to be a flea allergy. He was covered in fleas and scabs and had pulled out a lot of his fur. We decided to take him in.  He has been treated and his fur is now growing in.

He is ready for a new home! 

Cooper is a lovely fellow.  He is friendly and outgoing to people, seems OK around a suitable dog, but hasn't seemed to want to play well with other cats. He loves to sit on laps and has a purr that about deafens you. :)

He does appear to have some allergies and most likely has some arthritis in his hips.  We have treated his skin issues and hope they are now cleared up; but it is something that could flare up in the future.  Cooper is current on vaccines. He has been with us for just over a month, living in a cage is no fun for anyone.  We do let him out to wander the clinic several times daily, when things are quiet.

We want Cooper to have his own person, he has many years and a lot of love left in him!  We would love Cooper to find a new home in time for Christmas.
Alison Utting, Vet. Tech
Rolling Hills Veterinary Hosp.
225 State Hwy 505
Winlock WA 98596
(360) 785-4596