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Millie Faye is approximately 11 years old. I have inherited her from my Godmother who passed away in July of this year. Millie was with her for the past 10 years and was very loyal to my Godmother.

The things I know about Millie is that while my Godmother was alive Millie would not let anyone else pet her or come near her. Millie was always very skittish and usually hid in my Godmother’s bedroom while anyone else was in the house. My Godmother was retired and widowed so there were no other people who were at the home full time. There was however 3 dogs and two more cats which seemed to be fine with Millie. I literally never touched Millie until the morning my Godmother passed.

Millie had sat on my Godmothers bed the last two days that she was alive and never left her side. The morning she passed Millie let me pet her and help her down from the bed as the nurses were taking care of my Godmother.  From there I brought Millie home as I had promised my Godmother I would not euthanize her and would make sure she was in a loving home.

The things I was told about Millie by my Godmother was that Millie had separation anxiety and would urinate on the bed and other furniture when left alone for an extended period of time. Millie has had every test done by the vet to make sure this is not a medical issue and the vet assured my Godmother this was a temperament issue not physical.
Millie is declawed, liter box trained except she is very particular of her litter box and it must be cleaned daily or she will find another spot to do her business. I have two very large boxes so that she will have either at any time she likes. Millie seems to get along with my husband and me but does not prefer others to play with her. She has been urinating on everything I have including me while I am asleep. She has done this now twice and I am not sure why except that we are gone at least 13 hours a day working and driving to and from work. She may even be grieving my Godmother but that I am just speculating about.

She is a beautiful and loving cat but she must have someone who is home full time, possibly someone retired.

Millie is spayed and declawed.  We believe she is up to date on shots, but I could not find any paperwork, so I am unsure about the shots..
Lysa Hillestad
(325) 280-9161
San Antonio, TX
Scottish Fold Mix
2 years old, Neutered
Up to date on vaccines

I run a small dog and cat shelter at a large homeless person shelter in San Antonio, TX. A couple from Kentucky came out to TX for work and ran into issues.  A church helped them get back to Kentucky.  Unfortunately they couldn't take their baby on the bus back with them.  They relinquished the cat to me to find it a good home.  He was very loved.  They tried to raise the funds to ship him back but medical issues arose in KY.  Consequently, he is housed here at our facility, which is not geared for boarding a non owned animal.  He is all back, short hair, two years old, neutered with all shots current.
Samson is an awesome cat that is used to being the center of someone's world.  He loves to ride on your shoulder, rides in a car, crates easily, gets along with other cats and apparently lived with a big dog.  He loves people.  He is getting depressed the longer he is here.  He deserves an awesome home with someone who adores him and the breed.  I want a special forever home for him.

These pictures do not do him justice.  He is very sweet and gentle with gentle, intelligent eyes.  Loves to play with cat toys.

Cheryl Kennedy