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Scottish Fold Rescue & Adoption Network
South Dakota Cats
Tea, SD
Sugar is a 10 year old Scottish Fold mix. 

He is neutered and front declawed and all his shots are up to date. 

He needs to be adopted as soon as possible but can stay in his foster home (with me) as long as needed.

Sugar is located in Tea, SD, a suburb of Sioux Falls, SD. 

He is a short hair with sleek black fur and folded ears.

He is very loving and likes to snuggle on your lap for long periods of time.  He is somewhat dominant with other cats but once he is used to them he is fine.  He is currently in a large room with 2 other cats.  He is fine with my 6 year old but does do "love bites" when he is purring on your lap.  He has not been around dogs to my knowlege. 

His health is good.  He did have a negative Feline Leukemia test. 

The rescue I foster for (All Cats Rescue) got him from the Sioux City, IA Humane Society as they were overfull and his life was in danger.  There is a $35 fee for adoption.
Bonnie Haack
(605) 201-1264-call or text