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New York Cats
Long Island, NY
Hi my name is Stephanie and I’m an independent rescuer in Staten Island.

I took in a 3 year old Scottish straight, female, spayed kitty back in May. The owners were losing their apartment and couldn’t take her. He told me she wasn’t a lap cat. Well, she a little more difficult than that.

Shonya was purchased from a private breeder in Brooklyn as a kitten.

After I take her, he tells me she has a difficult personality. I placed her in what I thought would be a permanent home.  However she doesn’t like to be petted and she hisses and swats.  Shonya has never bitten or made contact when swatting.

Shonya never lived with other animals - just two adults and one 7 year old. She does play and will eat and use the liter box.

The first placement returned her after 2 weeks saying they wanted a more affectionate cat. Shonya now has been with a foster on Long Island for the past 4 weeks. She hasn’t gotten worse, but hasn’t gotten better. She will hiss and swat when the foster mom goes in the room to feed or clean.

I don’t know what to do at this point. The current foster home is concerned because she’s afraid what will happen when she has company.

Shonya is a beautiful cat.
Stephanie Paulicelli
North River, Adirondacks, NY.
(near Gore Mtn.)
Cloe's main listing (much more information) can be found on our NJ page.

She is currently with her owners at their Adirondacks home for the holidays  from 12/22/21 - 1/10/22.  Then she will be back in NJ.

Please do check out her information on our NJ page.