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This is an incredibly difficult and stressful decision for me, but I can no longer take care of Miles.  He was adopted through a rescue but is a special needs kitty.

Miles is a purebred Scottish Fold that is 7 years old. Before I adopted him, he had PU surgery for a urinary problem.  Sadly, he's had recurring urinary track infections (UTIs) since he's been with me - about every three months.  When he has these infections, he needs to go to the vet to make sure stones haven't developed. He will not use the litter box when he has an infection, though he tries to first.
Jules Smith
New York, NY
I can't afford to keep taking him to the vet, getting specialized food, pheromone therapies, etc. I also think Miles would benefit from someone who can spend more time with him. I work on average 10 hours a day, so I think for his transition and comfort, it'd be better if he's placed with someone who works from home, or isn't gone for most of the day.

When he's not "sick", Miles is a great kitty - a big ol' ball of lovin'. But I adopted him at a time that my other cat was dying from cancer. I didn't want another cat that had health problems because I spent a ludicrous amount trying to cure the other one. It didn't turn out that way.
While Miles is not a lap cat, he will sit right next to you, or near you, and likes to generally be in the same room as you. He's playful and has some interesting quirks. He's also very vocal. I'm not sure about other animals. He gets used to guests quickly, once he determines they're sticking around for awhile he'll come out of hiding and be his cute self.

Miles is up to date on vaccinations and has been neutered.