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Scottish Fold Rescue & Adoption Network
New Jersey Cats
Southampton Twp., NJ
I am helping my mother rehome her Scottish Fold. She has bred and showed Scottish Folds, but her husband passed away 6 months ago and due to physical and financial limitations she needs to start finding homes for them. She gave me permission to rehome one at this time.

Her name is Daisy and she is a spayed, short haired, straight ear, 10 year old female. She is up to date on vaccinations and is a very sweet cat. Daisy has been raised with other cats but has never encountered a dog before. She has been strictly indoors and raised with adults and has been around children. Daisy is located in Southampton Twp., NJ. We would ask potential adopters for a vet reference. We could help transport for potential adopters but no shipping.
Amanda Smith
Owner will keep
No longer available - owner will keep