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New Jersey Cats
Hightstown, NJ
(near Princeton University)
I am a stage 4 lung cancer patient who has hospice in her future.  My husband is allergic to cats (ownership of cats pre-dates our marriage 6 yrs ago).  Out of fairness to all, it is important to me to manage the process of Cleo’s move before I am too sick to do so.  I will miss her!

I’ve been ill for 18 months; chemo stopped in early October for lack of response.

Cleo was born 10-6/12 and was spayed in 2013.

She mostly prefers to be ‘near' (on arm of chair) rather than ‘on’; she is more likely to sit on my lap in cold weather.  She likes to get on dining chair - behind me so I can pet and scratch her from behind my back.  She is shy around others, except those she ‘knows’ love cats.  She has not been around dogs; doesn’t care for small children - so far; hates the vacuum. I had an older cat when she came and they were good friends but not playmates.  She looks forward to resuming sleeping on owner’s bed, something we’ve had to deny her because of the husband's allergies.
I am not aware of any current health issues. Over the years, Cleo has lost most of her teeth - some of which were removed during surgery following an infection.  She sees a vet annually and is up to date on vaccinations other than those required for boarding.
(She is currently with her owners at their Adirondacks home for the holidays  from 12/22/21 - 1/10/22.  Then she will be back in NJ.)