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Nevada Cats
Reno, NV
Hello. I am helping a neighbor who is going into assisted living and needs a home for her beautiful Scottish Fold.  I never knew about this type of cat (I'm allergic to cats), but I have been involved in dog and cat rescue all my life.  So, this cat came into my life and I'm helping.

Buffy is living in his owner's vacant home and is being taken care of.

He is a neutered male, 4 years old, cream/beige in color. Buffy is a "sofa spud", calm, sweet, adaptable (I'd take him in a second if I could).  He is current on shots.

Buffy was used to living with another cat (male).  But that cat was put down due to age and health issues.

We will include Buffy's bed, carrier, food dishes, and grooming equipment to whoever will give him a home.

We are asking an adoption fee as we want to be sure he goes to a good home.
Carolyn Van Stralen
(530) 249-4033

Update 2/21/14:  Buffy is a real sweetie!  He greets me at the door.