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North Carolina Cats
Monkey Cat (MK)
Lumberton, NC
Monkey Cat is a country rescue that had a very hard life up until his rescue three years ago. He was attacked by other cats, and (an) unknown animal(s).  As a result, the left side of his face and left ear were severely injured.  Monkey Cat’s wounds are all healed, but the fur never completely grew back.  There are scars on his face and neck area.  Sometimes the scars pull making the left eye appear like he is squinting.  His left ear no longer looks like his right ear. 

It is believe he is a Scottish Fold mix.  MK resembles a Fold.  His right ear is folded and he loves to sit Buddha like.  But he hasn’t been DNA tested.

It is estimated he's around 7 years old but that's a guess.

MK is an indoor / outdoor cat, and is also trained to use a pet door and auto-feeder.

He loves affection, very submissive, and is great with cats and dogs that are friendly. He needs to sleep inside at night, but loves to come and go during the day.

Monkey Cat is neutered, ISO micro-chipped, and up-to-date with vaccines as of March 2022.

MK doesn't like confinement or loud confusing situations as he will get scared very easily. He doesn't like cages, but can handle one for car trips. He is very playful and very vocal and understands and responds to human communication.

His ideal situation would be someone that loves cats, gives affection, but also understands MK likes to hang outside during the day and come and go under his own schedule. He does sleep inside at night and will take naps inside too. He can be a couch buddy when you call him.

MK can use a litter box, but mostly likes to use the outdoors bathroom.

The only reason I am looking to rehome Monkey Cat is that I need to travel out of the country for extended periods of time.
(706) 408-5101
While Scottish Fold Rescue does not support allowing cats to roam freely outdoors, we believe this particular cat should have a chance at a good/ safe home after what he went through years ago.