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Indiana Cats
Leo & Mimi
Indianapolis, IN
Due to personal issues beyond our control, we need to place our cats as soon as possible.  We also have cat hair allergies present in the household.

Leo and Mimi are brother and sister.  They are one year old.

Leo is very affectionate.  Mimi is also affectionate but does not seek it as often.  She is more independent.  She also has more energy when playing.   They both get along great.  They are super sweet and very smart cats. 

They are wonderful, well behaved, affectionate, and extremely smart cats.
They understand so much, as I have worked with them since they were very young kittens.

It is extremely tough to let them go.  I want to make sure they go to a great home; especially one who understands and appreciates SFs.

They are up to date on vaccinations.  Both have been altered.

They are strictly indoor cats and have never been outside.  I got them as newly weaned kittens - approx 8 weeks old from a breeder.  They have never had worms. 
They are litter box trained to the T. I feed them a very decent no grain diet as well. 

I would like for them to stay together if at all possible.  I would ideally like to find someone in my area.