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Illinois Cats
Lola & Precious
Palos Park, IL
I regretfully need to find a home for my two Scottish Fold purebred cats.

I have exhausted my efforts with friends and family and my local vet where they are much admired.

They are both eight years old, females, spayed and up to date with shots.  They do not have to be adopted together.
Kathy Strubin
Lola is a black and white (tuxedo) with short hair and folded ears. She is petite at eight pounds.  She does have herpes, but it is well maintained with regular doses of lysine  
Lola is a little timid. She will head butt you and sit on your lap, but it has to be her idea.
She grew up with cats and a dog. She hangs back when eating and let's the bolder ones eat first.  She acts rather skittish but can get friendly. She is not used to little kids so I am not sure about that.
Precious is a solid white folded ear cat with a little longer haired coat. No physical issues at all.  She weighs nine pounds I believe. She has a long boa tail and green eyes.  Precious is a very friendly cat. She is such a love.  She lets little kids pet her and tolerates dogs pretty well. Her and Lola have always gotten along well.  She likes people for sure. She also likes to eat. She will follow me around and let me know when it is mealtime.
Both have been adopted!!