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Last week, I rescued a 17 yr. old Scottish Fold that I need to re-home. 

Her owners walked in to the animal hospital, where I work, because she had a lower canine that was loose and they wanted the vet to pull it out.  At the time of the visit, we noticed she was sneezing and had a bit of a cold.  The owners were advised that she should be started on antibiotics and given some sub-q fluids due to the fact that she was slightly dehydrated, most likely due to her cold.  The owners did not want to pay for antibiotics since she was "too old to be treated" and decided they might as well put her to sleep since she was sick.  The veterinarian advised that her cold would most likely resolve and she would be fine but the owners did not want to deal with it :( She may be 17 years old but I know she still has a few more good years left in her, so I decided to have them relinquish her and now I find myself in need for some help to re-home her.  I just couldn't let them euthanize her with those big, expressive eyes of hers!

Indy is a shorthair.  Her ears are straight.  She is a bit quiet, reserved kitty but loves to be petted and have her chin scratched!  She does come up to you for some love :)  She is good with other cats, and definitely children, has not been around dogs yet.

Indy is borderline hyperthyroid...very easy to pill to give her daily medicine.  She is up to date on all vaccines and has had recent bloodwork done.  Indy is spayed and 4paw declawed.
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