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Illinois Cats
Skokie, IL (Chicago area)
Melanie Bolen
Within the next couple of months, I am moving across the country, and I think she'd be happier staying with her companion cat in a house that is dog free.

Betsy is 9 years old, up to date on vaccinations, and is spayed.  She has folded ears and there are no known heath issues.

She is kind of a loaner. Betsy likes to be left alone, but is also curious and will hang out nearby and watch. She does enjoy being petted, and will purr and drool all over when she's being scratched, but she's not really the type of cat to come and sit on your lap and snuggle.

Betsy MUST BE ADOPTED with her companion cat, Sawyer... he is an 11 year old tuxedo domestic shorthair cat. He is also healthy,  up to date on all vaccinations, and neutered. He is a larger boy, but is SUPER snuggly. So, for someone who wants a snuggle pal, he is it. I will not separate them and ask that interested adopters will not separate them, as they are bonded to one another.