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Idaho Cats
Idaho Cats
Hailey, ID
We have a lovely Scottish Fold, mature cat, who needs a new home as soon as possible.  I am doing this on behalf of her owner, my aunt, who has been hospitalized and is now very ill in a skilled nursing facility.  She is unable to handle her cat’s future, and is very concerned and upset about her. 

Specifically, my 91-year-old aunt was badly injured in a fall and is now permanently in a nursing facility.  She was living alone, except for her Scottish Fold cat. 

The cat needs to be placed before July 19, 2021, which is when my aunt’s home is being listed for sale.  The real estate agent has told us that the cat needs to be out of the home before it is shown.

Her official name is Lismore-of-Loch Linnhe.  She is commonly called “Lissie”.  She was born February 9, 2008 – 13 years old.

Lissie is a shy cat, but very affectionate with people she knows.  We do not think she would tolerate dogs, other cats, or small children well as she has spent her entire life with an older lady who lives alone.

She has some fused vertebrae, some arthritis.  She eats Science Diet ID food.  Vaccinations are up to date. She is spayed and micro-chipped.  We can furnish vet records if needed.
Christopher Campbell
Mobile phone:  208-450-9269
(This is Patricia Campbell’s son who also lives in Hailey, ID)