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Chloe and Puffy
Northeast FL
I hope you can assist in getting my two Scottish Fold beautiful cats adopted as I am moving out of the country.   The sooner I can get the cats placed, the sooner I can move.  Hopefully by the end of May.

I got Chloe from a breeder in California who was done having litters with her.  She is the most affectionate animal I have ever owned, and I've owned many.  She is a definite lap cap and will even put her paws on your shoulder and give hugs! 
Chloe is probably six years old.  The breeder did not give me any information on her for some reason except that she was recently spayed.  She still had stitches when she came to me. Chloe is a long hair with folded ears.  I have an eighteen month old daughter that drags her around by her fur, and Chloe seems to actually like it.  Strange, I know. 

She is spayed and up to date with shots.  Chloe sometimes snores because of her smushed in face, but the vet said it is normal as I thought she may have a respiratory problem. 

The next Scottish Fold beauty I need to adopt out is Puffy.  I believe I received her through this website about a year ago.  It seems Puffy has had many owners.  She is about five years old.  She is quite independent, and would much rather hang outside pretending to chase birds and lizards.   Puffy is a long hair with straight ears. No health issues and also spayed. 

A warning I did not receive when I adopted her was that she does not like litter boxes.  She would rather go on the furniture if she is in the house.  Therefore, she's been an outdoor cat and totally stays in the yard and is a very happy girl.  She is shy, but one she gets to know you, she's a love.
Sue Senger
Oscar and Marmalade
Creek, FL
(Broward County)

The cats have to be placed because the owners are going into an assisted living facility and can not take them with them.

The cats must be placed by April 15th because the owners are moving.  If they are not placed by then, they will go to the shelter.

The cats are 9 years old. They are brothers.  Their coat length is shorthair.  The ears are straight.

Oscar's personality is shy and laid back. Marmalade is more outgoing. They are shy when you first meet them and once they know you, they are lovable. They get along well with small dogs. They are used to being around a small dog.

There are no health issues.  They are up to date on their vaccines.  They are both neutered and declawed.

They do not have to be placed together but they have been with each other all their lives.
(954) 531-8856
Figaro (Figgy)
Sunrise, FL
I have a three year old Scottish Fold that I need to find a home for.  She won’t stop peeing on the furniture.  She’s destroyed two couches and numerous chairs.  We’ve done everything in our power to try and stop her from peeing and we’re at our wits end. We cannot keep her anymore and I really don’t want to have to take her to the Humane Society.  Please help if you can, I’m desperate.

Figaro has been to the vet and has checked out healthy.  She has two litter boxes in two different areas of the house to choose from.  I’ve tried the Feliway system to no avail.

She’s a bit skittish, but very talkative.  Figaro will sit on you if she wants to, but will run away if you move. She loves to be outdoors.  Figaro grew up in a house with another cat and a dog and they get along nicely. 

Figaro has all her shots but is due for her rabies update. She’s spayed.

Lake Park (West Palm Beach), FL
Hi, my name is Zena and I am looking for a new forever home.

My birthday is 12/07/2008, which means I’ll be 11 years old in December.  I am a Scottish Fold, but my ears didn’t fold which makes me extra special!  I’m a Scottish Straight!

My current family (humans and cat) adopted me from my Vet over three years ago.  My original family had me declawed, so I do not have any front claws.

When my current family adopted me, I had some urinary issues.  I have to eat a special food, Royal Canin Feline Urinary SO Dry Cat Food, and have not had any urinary issues since.

I love to hang out on our back porch with my brother, Otis, and watch the birds, squirrels and lizards – oh, and mostly nap!

Because my family loves me so much and it is so very hard for them to have to find a new forever home for me, they want to provide my new family with the following:

Me, of course
Two 17.6 lb. bags of my special food (Royal Canin Feline Urinary SO Dry Cat Food)
One of my large litterboxes with a lid
Two 40 lb. bags of my cat litter (Dr. Elsey’s)
Two each of my VERY FAVORITE TOYS:  Dragonfly Cat Toy and Catnip 8 Ball
One Tent (I love playing in a tent!)

If you would like to find out more information about me, please contact Susie.  She is having a very hard time with my situation, so she may get emotional when you talk with her.  Please just be patient with her.

Note from Susie: 
Due to a divorce, I need to place Zena within the next three weeks.  My husband is moving to Maine and is taking one cat.  I cannot have any cats where I am living.

Zena is strictly an indoor cat but is not up-to-date on vaccinations.  She is spayed.

Susie Weser
(561) 310-1682