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Note: You can order online or mail in an order form. All orders must be executed on a completed order form - no exceptions!

Use the form below if you wish to order calendars online.

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      Four @ $80    Five @ $100       Six @ $120

Priority Mail Shipping rates (Please do not forget to check shipping):

Continental US Orders
USPS Priority Mail:



 If you are buying one or more calendars AND they are ALL being shipped to the same continental US address:

 One to Two Calendars in one cardboard envelope $9.90 

 Three to Six Calendars in one padded envelope  $10.60

 If you are having calendars shipped to different addresses, please use a separate order form for each.

Note: For overseas or outside the continental US shipping charges, please contact Grace Sutton for the rates before completing your order. Please insert your shipping rates outside the continental US in the Comments section below and add them to the total in the Adjusted Total sections below after talking to Grace. (NOTE: any fees inserted in the Comments section will not be reflected in the form total. That is why we ask that you add them on the Adjusted Total line.

Payment Information:

IMPORTANT: Payment must be in USD. Our bank will not accept checks from non-US banks.  Money orders based on US funds or PayPal are alternatives.

Note: We hope to start shipping in late November. Calendar(s) will not be shipped until payment is received and the check / money order or PayPal payment clears our account. Orders will be shipped within five (5) business days of the payment clearing our account after late November.

Total Section


Adjusted total: (For example, if you buy one calendar that is being shipped overseas, the Total will reflect $20 USD. You will need to add in the info Grace provided for postage and handling to the adjusted total.)

Checks / Money Orders:

Checks / money orders should be made payable to Scottish Fold Rescue, Inc. and mailed to our NEW address:
Scottish Fold Fanciers' 2023 Calendar
Attn: Grace Sutton
63 Washington Street
Auburn, NY. 13021

PayPal information:

Please complete an order form when paying via PayPal!!! Sometimes PayPal does not provide us all the info we need to process an order. That means you might not get your order or the order will be delayed.

To pay via PayPal after completing and submitting this form, please go to

(Note: You must have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal) and you will not be automatically directed back to this site once making your payment.)

Log into your account, select Send Money, and pay to our account which is
         foldrescueinc@earthlink.net  (Please note: there is "inc" after foldrescue)


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