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Renesme is 1.5 years old.  Unfortunately, she has inappropriate urination issues.

We’ve tried providing her with her own litter box - one that the other cats do not use.  We’ve also tried keeping her sequestered from the other animals, but isolation feels wrong.  Renesme is taking an antidepressant to help with any anxiety issues that could be causing her to urinate on furniture.

We would like to place her as soon as possible as we have to keep her locked in a bathroom to prevent any more incidents on furniture.  That is not the life any animal deserves.

Renesme is very timid.  She will go to my 13 year old daughter, but is skittish with everyone else. She doesn’t hiss or fight with other animals, but our vet believes that she is eliminating because of stress from being in a home with two other cats and a small elderly dog. She liked to sleep with my daughter, and would sit quietly in her lap as long as there weren’t other animals or people around. She’s been in our house along with our other two children, an 8 year old boy and a newborn (now toddler) and never showed any aggressive behavior, again, just the urinating on furniture.

She is up to date on vaccinations but is due for a rabies booster later this month (October).  She was spayed last November (2017).

Ideally, I think she needs to be placed in a quiet home, without other cats/dogs or multiple children. I think her anxiety is heightened from being in a home with too much stimulation.
Eastford, CT
Bonnie Souvigney