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California Cats

Menlo Park, CA
We love our cat, Wilba!  We adopted her with her brother 4 years ago.  She has been a wonderful pet, but since the birth of our daughter 2 years ago, she has become aggressive.  It started toward our daughter, but now she is aggressive toward guests as well.  This is not her normal personality and we believe that she is no longer happy in our home.  We have tried to make accommodations and give her extra attention, but it has not worked.  We are worried that there will be an incident with our daughter if we do not rehome Wilba.  We are so sad to have to give her away, but based on her recent personality changes, we believe she is no longer happy in our home and would like to see her placed with an owner that can give her the attention she needs.

Wilba likes a lot of attention - petting and head butting.  She is high energy and runs and plays a lot.  Love toys - little balls and mice and scratch pads.  She is afraid of dogs, but is great with her brother cat.  She has had no exposure to other cats.  I would recommend not having her around small children and babies, but she is good with older kids and has always been great with adults.

Kelsey Kennedy
(650) 454-079
Wilba is 4 years old, up to date on vaccinations, and spayed.

She has had some issues cleaning her rear end the past few months.  We took her to the vet to have it looked at and they did not find any issues.  I have to assist her in cleaning about twice a week.  She is also about 1 pound overweight.  We have been limiting her food for the past few weeks and it seems to be helping.

We love her very much and are so sad to have to make this choice to rehome her.