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California Cats

Agoura Hills, CA
Scottish Fold Mix
Medium • Adult • Female

Lucy is a very sweet approximately 8 year old Scottish Fold who came to the Agoura Animal Shelter via Malibu Coast Animal Hospital where she had been treated for some time for allergies and ear polyps.  Her previous owner asked that she be euthanized as she was not using her litter pan.  The hospital staff took her in, did not determine it was appropriate to euthanize as they found no problem with her using her litter pan.  She was subsequently sent to Agoura with a collar to prevent her scratching her ears when the polyps develop irritation.  She is currently undergoing treatment for a respiratory infection and she receives daily prednisone that keeps her allergies under control.  She also has a minor heart murmur.  Through it all she reaches out for attention and demonstrates a very sweet personality underlying all the conditions.

Pet ID: A4617466 • Spayed/Neutered • Up-to-date with routine shots • Prefers a home without: dogs, young children • Primary colors: Tortoiseshell, White • Coat length: Medium
Malibu Pet Companions
(805) 241-2891

Please check with the rescue for their adoption policies.
Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz SPCA
(831) 465-5000
2685 Chanticleer Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

Please check with the shelter for their adoption policies.

Jezebel is a spayed, 15 year old Scottish fold, multi colored.  She came to the shelter as an owner surrender on June 9, 2015. The reason she was surrendered was because the previous owners were unable to care for her; they had her for 15 years.

Jezebel has strictly been an indoor only cat who loves attention and is verbal if not given it; she is not shy by any means.  She knows how to use a litter box, doesn't like to be alone, has lived in a home with men, women and children.  At this point in her life it is recommended she go to a home where there are no young children due to her energy level and age even though she is sweet and social, she would love a quite home with a sibling or two (furry siblings).
Bakersfield, CA
I will be homeless in a few days. I have no way to keep my Alice. I've looked
for temporary housing for her, and no one can help. I will continue to ask,
but it's not looking good.

Alice is 3 years old, spayed, grumpy, overweight, nervous, sweet, loving
and really, really funny when she
wants to be. I rescued her as an older kitten. She was dumped at the college and was running around the campus starving. She was also pregnant (I found that out later). After her litter, I had her spayed.

She's not thrilled with other cats and dogs, but she's not violent. She's lived with a pit bull, chihuahua, and 2 other cats.

She's currently on a diet to drop some weight, and I've been working on her skin, which gets very dry and dandruff-y by her tail. No health problems. She is a bit nervous. Everything stresses her out (a wee bit neurotic, this one).
(661) 447-7511
Corte Madera, CA (Bay Area)
Coquette’s owner died and she is now in a rescue foster home: Jake’s Place Cat Rescue. 

The kitty is 8-9 years old.  She has short hair and folded ears.

Coquette is sweet and loves to be petted and have her head rubbed and scratched. She will sit next to you on the sofa. She enjoys looking out the window and long naps. She does not like being held or picked up. She has always been an only cat, and we do not know if she would be friendly with other cats or dogs. Probably okay with gentle children but has not been around any that we know of.  We believe Coquette may have been a breeder cat who was then adopted by a single, elderly woman. She lived in a quiet and low activity home until she came to us.

She has no medical health issues that we know of and is spayed and current on all vaccinations. She seems to have a sensitive tummy and is currently on Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach kibbles. She does not eat wet food.

NOTE:  Jake’s Place Cat Rescue is a northern California rescue organization and we do not ship cats. We are looking for adopters in the S.F Bay Area or northern California.
Jake’s Place Cat Rescue

Phyllis (Foster Mom)
(415) 924-2614

Please check with the rescue for more detailed information on their adoption policies.