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California Cats

Lodi, CA
My husband and I need to re-home our sweet and beautiful 5 year old, neutered, short hair Scottish Fold.

We got him directly from a breeder and have all his vet visit records - same vet clinic all along since we’ve had him.  He was chipped at the vet’s office to secure his safety.

My husband and I  love him so, but it has come time to re-home him, and we choose to re-home him now rather than later.  It has been just the 3 of us … Bodhi, my husband, and myself since we brought him home.  No other pets in our home.  We have grown & married children and grandchildren that visit.  My husband and I are now in our late 60’s & mid 70’s.

Sadly and unexpectedly my husband was diagnosed with dementia in July this year.
Bodhi & “Pop” developed a special bond, but now that our lives have turned a corner, our wish is to secure a new loving home for our Bodhi.
Pamala Levy
He’s sweet, ‘aloof’, and prefers quiet time over stimulation of any kind.

A supplement capsule in his food (vet suggested) keeps his “CAT-a-TUDE” in check as he can be a bit snarly at times otherwise.  The supplement is Zylkene.  It is a supplement prescribed for balanced behavior in small pets. I don’t give it to him daily-although the vet says it’s ok to do so. I give it to him only on occasion - maybe three days in a row or so whenever he seems to feel anxious and skittish.

By “cat-a-tude” I’m saying that occasionally his personality changes slightly and his behavior becomes momentarily aggressive…like a spoiled child-but it passes quickly with only a slight scold or wag of the finger.

For instance, if you happen to be tying your shoes when he is on standby watching, he might choose to grab your hand or ankle in an angry manner. Also, for whatever reason, he doesn’t like it if you lay on the floor…it tends to aggravate him. I know that must sound like a lot but I want to be thorough regarding his mannerisms. Please understand these occurrences are OCCASIONAL. Otherwise he’s a sweet and loving kitty who loves to sleep most hours of the day, and when not sleeping he can be found observing what you’re doing-he LOVES to watch ‘whatever’ …whether it be cooking in the kitchen, reading the newspaper or doing work on the computer.

Bodhi is an indoor kitty, but enjoys napping in the safety of his fun, secure, and roomy kitty crate on fair weather days on our safe and covered breezeway.
He enjoys Zen music while enjoying his time of quiet meditation.

He leans toward male influence, but would surely be loyal to whoever spends patient time with him.

Bodhi is not so much a fan of crowds, being held, or young kids with loud voices. He CAN be found in quiet observation of activity that might be taking place, but he doesn’t appreciate his own space being infringed upon. 

His diet is HILLS Brand Science Diet (dry food) Indoor Cat Food.  He doesn’t care for canned or wet food, or “cat treats“ it seems to upset his stomach. Although he does enjoy licking a dose of CATLax off your finger every once in a while…Especially following a trip to the vet…it’s his special  “BUTTER” treat.

He’s fully and loyally litter box trained - he’s used to having it scooped a couple times a day-and only accustomed to Dr. Esty brand  litter.

Bodhi would enjoy a quiet, patient loving home of mature adults.