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North Providence RI
Our life circumstances have changed and we need to travel often out of state. We have had great difficulty finding pet sitters and have had several bad experiences trying to do so, including one person who “forgot” to show up and left a cat with no food for a couple days. Another “qualified” pet sitter brought and entertained 4 people here in our absence. Zoey gets stressed when we leave her and we are not able to travel with her. When we adopted her, we did not have 4 grandchildren all out of state, and we need to be able to take off on short notice and stay away for periods of time.
We placed her in a home with someone who loved her; but Zoey never adjusted because there was another  cat in the household. That other cat was mild and not aggressive at all; he loved Zoey, but after 5 weeks, we had to bring her back here because she could not adjust. She was not eating well and she hissed and acted depressed.  We are keeping her until we find the right new home for her – no other animals and no children in the household.

Zoey has short hair; but her coat is very thick, so she needs to be brushed often.

Zoey just turned 5. She is a straight-eared Scottish Fold. We purchased her from a breeder in NH who is no longer in the business.  She is strictly an indoor cat, and she is front-paw declawed. She is sweet and gentle and timid. Once she knows her owner, she is very affectionate and purrs, kneads and wants to sit next to you.  She has a typical Scottish Fold disposition. We have taken her on a leash on our outside deck, but she prefers to be in the house and does not try to escape.  She likes to “supervise” household projects.   Zoey does not like loud noises or strangers and will hide.  She has no aggressive behaviors and does not bite.

She does not like dogs, cats or any other animals and MUST be the only cat in the household.  She is not used to small children and hides when our grandchildren visit.

There are no known health issues.  She sees the Vet yearly.  Zoey is up to date on vaccinations and is spayed.