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Pennsylvania Cats
Mushu & Floyd
California, PA
The blue (grey) one is Mushu
The white and cream one is Floyd
I am located in California, PA 15419 (Washington County)

I have to place my two Scottish Folds because I am moving somewhere that doesn’t allow cats, and I can’t give them the time and affection they deserve. I currently have 3 jobs, and I am in school for my masters.

I would like them to find a new home by March 1st.

They are brothers that must stay together and are three years old.

They are dog friendly.

Mushu is a huge cuddle buddy. He loves to be on your lap and he is always purring. He’s a happy boy. Floyd like his alone time. He engages a lot still but isn’t as much of a cuddler. They both are very people centered and will come greet you when you come home.

No health issues at all.  They are up to date on shots and everything. Both neutered.

I am asking a rehoming fee, but that could be negotiated.

Austenne Gniadek
Both Adopted!!
Philadelphia, PA suburbs
We are looking to find a new home for our 10-year-old male Scottish Fold cat named Ernie. He lives with my parents and is struggling to cope with the other pets in the home (two boisterous dogs and another dominating cat). We believe he would be much happier in a quieter home!

Ernie is a sweet, adorable, and quirky cat.

There are no known health issues.  He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.