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Pennsylvania Cats
Hermione and Nicholas
Bethlehem, PA
I am working at finding a new home for this amazing pair of Folds.  I took them in after a friend passed away 10 years ago, and my life is now going in a new direction after my own mother recently died (still do some care giving for my father, 91 yrs old).
Hermione and Nicholas
Their names are Hermione and Nicholas.  They are pedigreed, longhair, Scottish Folds, registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association.  Both are twelve years old and are like brother and sister, well bonded, together since 3 or 4 months old. 

Nicholas is white with gray markings.  Hermione is a blue (gray).  Although straight-eared, they have all the other breed characteristics and personality.  Veterinarians have remarked on the beauty of their coats.  You will not find a more mellow cat than Nicholas, he is a big "love mush."  Hermione is very sweet, loves to run back and forth through the house, tends to be timid with strangers; often lies on the floor, presenting belly for petting.  They are gentle and non-destructive.

Spayed / neutered; recently seen by vet, clean check-ups and lab work, no health issues, are current on rabies vaccine.  They must be adopted as a pair; having lived life together, staying a pair will help with the transition.  I am rehoming them for personal reasons (allergies and lung sensitivity, recent bronchitis; my mom just died after several years of care giving, now care for dad on weekends, I work long hours in a caring profession, so I am not home with them enough; also moving soon).

The right home will not have children, since Hermione can be skittish. I want a new home for them in the NJ / eastern PA / Del. area.  If interested, let's talk about meeting and transport.  I will NOT ship them; I will drive them to your location after you visit. These cats have been treated with great care and sensitivity, which are the top requirements for the "new parent(s)."