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Lancaster, PA
Sadly, I need a new home for Hermione.  (I had decided to not rehome two years ago.  Her “partner”, Nicholas died Jan 2019, after 18 months with congestive heart failure.) 
Currently living in Lancaster, PA., Hermione is pedigreed Scottish Fold, registered with the Cat Fanciers' Association.  She is 14 years old; she is a “blue” (gray coat, medium length).  Although straight-eared, she has all the other breed characteristics and personality.  Hermione is very sweet, and even at the age of 14, loves to run back and forth through the house. She is not a lap cat, does not like to be picked up/held.  She often rubs against my leg. She tends to be timid with strangers.  With me, she often lies on floor, presents belly for petting.  She is non-destructive, litter trained (I keep litter boxes filled low; if it is deep, she has been known to aim high, and some urine can go over the edge).

She is spayed, was seen 8/8/19 by vet, and has a clean health check and lab work.  Hermione has never had any health or behavioral problems (only occasional hairballs).  She received her rabies vaccine July 2019.

I am rehoming her for two reasons: 1) she is alone much of the time after Nicholas passed (I devote much of my free time to care of my 92-yr-old father, an hour and a half away in NJ).  2) I recently took a new apartment that does not allow pets (market here is very tight), so I have only 3-4 weeks (till mid-Sept. 2019) to find her a new home.

The right home will not have children, as Hermione can be skittish. Hoping for new home in NJ / eastern PA / Del. area.  If interested, let's talk about meeting and transport.  I will NOT ship her; I will drive her to your location. Hermione has been treated with great care and sensitivity, which are the top priorities for the "new parent(s)."