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Amsterdam, MO
We could keep the kitty, but Pumpkin REALLY dislikes dogs.  And we have several. When people come to visit, they often bring even more dogs.

Pumpkin shows her fear by refusing to walk past, through a room, or any other form of travel to her litter box.  We try to put her in a room, alone, with her box, when we have visitor dogs...but I know she is very fearful because she will pee wherever she is at the time.  She deserves to be happy, and relaxed.

She had digestive issues when we got her.  We worked hard with our vet, and a wonderful person at (this process took about 6 months), until we found her perfect combo of food and a probiotic.  Without her combo, she has runny poo and will NOT use the litter box.  As long as she’s been on her combo, no issue at all (2 years now).  My husband got off course while I was out of town a year ago, and we found she needed to get back on it.  So it’s VITAL she stay on the food and probiotic she is using now.

She’s about 3 years old, has her claws, and is spayed. She is due her vaccinations.  She had been up to date on them until now.

She is beautiful, and sweet, and deserves a lap to cuddle a home with no dogs to worry over.

We are asking a rehoming fee of $200.

Julie Nelson