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Kansas City, MO
We have a Scottish Straight that we are trying to rehome as soon as possible.  We have moved and inherited him from family, but now we have found my 1 year old is severely allergic to cats and she is sick all the time.  We do not want to take him to a shelter and are looking for a nice home to send him to.

Sherman is 9 years old.  He is a Scottish Fold with straight ears, hence a Scottish Straight.  He has no known health issues and is neutered.  His vaccinations are due to be done this year.  Sherman is declawed in the front.

Sherman is a snuggle bug.  He loves to be near you and he loves to just lay down on your lap when you’re hanging out on the couch.  He seeks you out and just wants love.  He is good with my two small children and lets them pet him.  My youngest pulls on his ears and gets a little rough before we can catch her and he never snaps at her.

Ericka Fuller
(303) 478-8120
Kansas City, MO
My daughter's dad (Paul) got a Scottish Fold kitty at 7 weeks and took really good care of him. Unfortunately, Paul is now being evicted since he lost his job - he will move in with his mom to help take care of his dying step-dad. No cat allowed in that situation. We've billed this cat as my daughter's since my boyfriend won't allow a furry animal in our house. She would be devastated to see him go; so the other day, I went to get the cat and take him to my parents to see if they could be the new owners.  So far Tigger is not adjusting well so my parents want to only be the foster parents for a time.
He's pretty, loving, and a good little guy, but I guess he is upset right now.  He is soooo cute.

Tigger was born born 11/28/15 so he going on 7 months old.  He has folded ears.  He is healthy except he limps and his back feet look deformed. The clinic said that whoever owns him needs to take care to keep his claws trimmed, especially in the back because his nails were actually starting to grow into his pads because his little feet are all messed up.  I can tell you he limps when he walks and does not run around like a normal cat.  He squirms around a lot on his side and back and loves to be loved and stretch and be petted.  Tigger can climb, but he does not jump and leap like a normal kitten.

Tigger is an indoor cat and has only sniffed the outside from an open doorway or window.  He will always be an indoor cat because he would not be able to run and defend himself very well.

My daughter is 10 years old and Tigger is very good with her. 

Tigger is up to date on shots and is neutered.
Holly Mehl
(816) 694-5593