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Rochester, MI
I need to rehome by Scottish Fold cat. I have had him for two years. The first year he was fine, but then another cat came into our home as a kitten and Simon began having issues not using the litter box to poop. I just have the two cats and have tried everything under the sun to stop this.
I have tried numerous types of litter and now only use unscented, but it still continues. He is very aggressive at times towards the younger cat.  I have three litter boxes in various areas, clean the boxes twice a day, have had to get baby gates to prevent him from going upstairs. I have taken him to the vet and checked out and I am told it’s a behavioral problem and nothing physical. I am hoping if I get someone to adopt him into a one cat home that this may stop. He does not cover his poop in the litter box when he does go there and doesn’t seem to groom himself as he should.  I have had to get him a Lion cut and a hygienic shave at times.

I even tried Feliway to no avail.
We are looking for a one cat home.

Simon was born June 22, 2016.  He is neutered, micro chipped, all up to date on shots and front declawed.  Simon is long hair with straight ears.  He currently has a lion cut.

He is fairly shy at first, but once he warms up to a person he is very loving and will sit on your lap, just not initially.

There are no health issues other than the litter box problem.
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