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I am looking for a new home for an 11 year old (d.o.b. 3/30/02) female Scottish Fold, Fiona MacPhee. She has a short coat, folded ears and is brown patched tabby and white.  I have contacted the breeder, but have received no response.   I really need to find her a home.

Fiona was owned by my elderly mother, who passed away last month. She is used to a quiet life and does not tolerate other cats, dogs or children well. She is shy but affectionate when you gain her trust. She is somewhat feisty and lets you know when you have offended by hissing.
She has arthritis but this is managed with a low dose of Metacam twice a week, which she tolerates well. She does need to use a footstool or hassock to gain access to a bed or chair so she doesn't hurt herself jumping.

Unfortunately, my sister and I both have children, multiple cats and dogs and too much chaos in our homes to take Fiona in....I am willing to drive 2 to 3 hours to place her and if someone who is interested lives a distance away we could meet half way. I am grateful for any assistance you can provide in placing her.

Fiona is spayed and up to date on all vaccinations. She weighs about 8 lbs and takes Metacam twice a week for her arthritis. This is a liquid applied to her dry food. She likes it and tolerates it well. I will provide her new owner with a full bottle of this which given the small dose she takes will last for at least 6 months (it is about $60 per bottle).
Liz Stansell
(774) 722-2915