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Maine Cats
Enkidu (Inky)
Richmond, ME
I have four cats and am moving to a smaller space.

Unfortunately, Inky is extremely shy.  He runs from me.  When I first brought him here, he hid under the bed.  He eventually came out and tried to snuggle with one of my other cats, but he was ignored.

Inky was just beginning to feel safe with me around Christmas time, and then I needed to give him medicine for a repertory infection. He never trusted me again.

He was 9 months old when I got him from a breeder who had a lot of cats. She had locked him up in a bathroom, as he wasn't altered then and she thought he might impregnate her female cats.  He did not get much if any socialization.

I also have a very territorial cat who still hisses at him.

Inky was born 3/12/13, so he's 19 months old.  He has short hair, folded ears.

Even though he is very skittish, he may settle down in a home with no other cats, or friendly cats, or a person who knows how to work with him.

He has no health issues and is neutered.  Inky had shots as kitten, none thereafter.
Janet Clement