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Quebec, Canada
I'm a Vet Tech.  I rescued Plume from a girl who wanted to open a children day care. The girl can't have a cat with kids, it's the law here. I took Plume when she was young, and vetted her at the vet clinic where I work. She doesn’t have registration papers, and I cannot find out where she is from.

Plume does not get along with other cats.  My problem is we have 2 cats and Plume makes their lives impossible.   She always attacks them.  We tried Feliway and Zylkène to reduce the aggressive behavior.  They didn't work.  We even had a cat comportementalist consultation to no avail. She is not very happy here because of that and neither are my other cats.  We want to find the best home for her, a family without other cats and dogs. She is not familiar with kids either. Now, she is temporarily with a family of 2 quiet adults, but she needs a permanent home.  She cannot stay where she is much longer.

Plume is a little clown, but can be shy at first contact.  She needs a family that is familiar with cats, knows how to deal with shy cats, and will provide her attention. She is affectionate mostly in the morning and she loves to sleep on our bed near me. She does not like to be brushed and doesn't like her back nails clipped. She loves to sleep into her special house - my closet!  She enjoys peace and quiet!

Plume is 6 years old, she is spayed, front declawed, and she receives flea prevention each year. She is due for all vaccines but it's not a problem for me because I work in a vet clinic where I can provide them. She has no health problems. She has always eaten veterinarian food: Royal Canin Dental feline.

I'm in Québec, one hour up north of Montreal city.

My English is not very good but I can speak it as can my husband.

Danielle Hallée
(819) 217-5681